Fresh and Healthy 
Farm to table meal blends

We personally hand select the foods we cook for your pet.
Using a process that locks in the nutrients,
our pressure cooked pet meals will stay nutritious and flavorful
until you are ready to serve them.

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Let us know if you are purchasing meals for a cat or dog

Choose meal

We work with local farms to ensure a high quality food source.

Customize recipe

Serve a personalized meal. Add or remove ingredients. 




Why choose pressure cooked?

 Pressure cooking has a positive effect on food. When food is pressure cooked, it does not lose its natural flavors and is cooked to perfection. The best feature that pressure cooking has is the ability to retain the needed nutrients in the food we cook. In addition, our pressure canning process means that food can be stored on a shelf instead of taking up refrigerator or freezer space. 


Pressure cooked ingredients typically retain 90-95% of their nutritional value.

Made to order

All pets are not the same, which is why we offer the option of individual meal customizations.

Farmhouse Pet Blends

Buy Local

We support our local farmers and we personally hand select the food that we cook for your pet.

Pawsitively Delicious

Outstanding pet food starts with quality ingredients!  

Science shows pressure cooking is healthy, and that it can preserve more heat-sensitive nutrients than any other cooking methods because of its shorter cook times. 

Pets LOVE the taste! 

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