About Us

We all have a story to tell, and ours is based on love and compassion.

We are dedicated to promoting the dynamic relationship between people and their dogs, and have intentionally created our meals to be sold in hotels, restaurants, and specialty shops across the country. We feel it’s important to focus on dog parents that travel and spend time with their canine companion.

Pet parents want their dogs to enjoy the same benefits that they do, and by partnering with Grandma Lucy’s, Clear Conscience Pet, Dr. Harvey’s, Whole Life Pet and Healthy Dogma, we have been able to accomplish that. Our PUB FARE for dogs meals include the same quality of food that the rest of the family eats, yet are specifically formulated for a dog’s digestive system.

Every meal we sell helps with the funding and running of animal welfare services. We donate to organizations that provide a safe living environment for abandoned, abused, homeless, or unwanted animals. It is our strong belief that every animal deserves a good life, and has the right to experience a life of respect, free from unnecessary suffering.

Our Furry Family


Was given as a birthday gift when he was just a pup and he lived out his life with us.


Sought out specifically due to family members needing a hypo-allergenic dog.


As a pup she was thought to be blind, so we brought her home to raise with her litter mate, Apollo.


Found his forever home with us after a handful of failed
re-homing situations.(2010)


Saved from a kill-shelter in Canada just one day before she was scheduled to be euthanized via gas chamber.


She arrived with us after we were contacted about a wandering dog in an industrial area.


Almost 40 lbs underweight when we adopted him from the local Animal Care and Control Center.